Mac “Bear” Hodges Music Festival

The First Annual Mac “Bear” Hodges Musical Festival 6 Hours of music by local talent on the Pamlico River along with food trucks and other vendors.

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The proposed plan is to have a life-size statue of Mayor Hodges sitting on a bench on Main Street in the area between Copper Canyon and the Hotel Louise.

One of Mac’s dreams was to have a life-size bronze statue of George Washington sitting on a bench in the historic downtown area of Washington as a photo attraction. For example, the photo below of him and Lou with Jefferson in Williamsburg. Sadly, we could never garner enough support for that statue.

Because he left us early and considering what a champion of Washington Mac was, how much he did for his cherished town and how friendly and beloved he was, it seems fitting to have a statue of Mac to honor his memory. After all, he is OUR hero.

This is a grassroots initiative, a true community effort. We need $45,000, this amount will cover the cost of the bronze statue on a bench, shipping, and installation costs. We reached out to ALL who loved, respected and appreciated his dedication and hard work and we have raised $17,000. We thank the friends and family for their generosity.

To raise the remainder of the funds we are planning an annual Music Festival. The idea is to first raise the balance needed for the statue and later use the funds to continue improving and maintaining our Downtown in his memory.

To donate, click here, then look for the Mac Hodges Statue Fund.


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Mac “Bear” Hodges Music Festival