Why a Statue – Why a Music Festival?

When I first arrived in Washington, I only knew Mac and Lou socially. For the first few years we only saw each other at events around town. Our friendship truly blossomed through our work on City Council. I had been active volunteering but didn’t have any political ambitions. Mac understood its future greatly depended on tourism and needed someone on the council to help promote this concept. He had a progressive vision of Washington that the council at the time didn’t share. Mac asked for my help; He promised to show me the ropes, and that’s exactly what he did. Although we were on the same page on most things we did not always agree. However, he never expected me to just toe the line. And I find that quite admirable.

Over the six years we worked together I learned how deeply devoted to Washington Mac was. He was often having sleepless nights worrying about how to continue to bring progress to his beloved city. He made it his mission to stay in touch with the local business owners, always keeping abreast of the goings on about town, as well as to patronize them. It was common practice for Mac to reach out to newcomers, invite them to dinner at his house and introduce them to other locals.

In fact, he was so devoted to the city that on the day he felt so sick and decided to go to the hospital, his biggest concern was about the possibility he might not see the downtown project completed.

One of Mac’s dreams was to have a life-size bronze statue of George Washington sitting on a bench in the historic downtown area of Washington as a photo attraction. For example, the photo of him and Lou with Jefferson in Williamsburg. Sadly, we could never garner enough support for that statue.

Because he left us early and considering what a champion of Washington Mac was, how much he did for his cherished town and how friendly and beloved he was, it seems fitting to have a statue of Mac to honor his memory. After all, he is OUR hero.

This is a grassroots initiative, a true community effort. We need $45,000 to bring this seated bronze statue to “life”. This amount will cover the cost of the statue on a bench, shipping, and installation costs. We’ve reached out to everyone who loved, respected and appreciated his dedication and hard work and have raised $17,000, so far. We’re sending our thanks to friends and family who have donated for their generosity.

Mac believed events were a great way to attract tourists to Washington and he was also a big fan of music. To raise the remainder of the funds we are planning the first Mac “Bear” Hodges Music Festival. We plan on continuing this music festival annually, in celebration of life, music, and the community. The idea is to first raise the balance needed for the statue and later use the funds to continue improving and maintaining our Downtown in his memory.

Glen Webster
Author: Glen Webster

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