Motley Tones came to be in 2010 when a talented group of musicians, musical theatre actors and Ren Faire performers decided to lend their talents to the world of piracy. Today, they sing a wide variety of delightfully harmonious and oft-times amusing sea shanties and have a very popular local street show. This dynamic group sings madrigals for the king by day, pub songs for the hoi polloi by night, and love songs and sailor songs all the day long. Equally comfortable at pirate festivals, corporate functions, pubs and even children’s birthday parties, don’t be surprised if you get “roped into” some of their antics on stage and off. And, wherever they are, be sure to bring the wee ones for the sing-alongs and audience participation numbers. CLICK TO HEAR US Over thirty times a year, The Motley Tones perform up and down the MidAtlantic region, delighting audiences wherever they go, leaving only memories and taking only … anything that is not nailed down!

Their songs range from acapella harmonies and traditional “call and response” tunes to duets and solo ballads — all loosely tied to the “Golden Age of Piracy.” Their performances are spiced up with pieces of period garb and, allin-all, they are just plain FUN — but with a set of legitimate musical chops! With their traveling company of musical marauders, every event is special and no two are ever alike. No one is too young or too old to enjoy the musical antics of The Motley Tones!

Glen Webster
Author: Glen Webster

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