We ask you to go All IN for the downtown we love!
Washington Harbor District Alliance (WHDA) is seeking your participation as a partner by asking for your financial support.

By becoming a Friend of the Alliance you send a message to City Council that you approve of WHDA’s efforts and that the City should too. In these times of shrinking City funding your membership tells the Council that financial support for WHDA is important to you as a supporter of downtown.

We ask you to join with the volunteers, property owners, merchants and other organizations who have given their time & money to support the Alliance.
Your contribution really will make a difference as the funds raised from the Friends of the Alliance program will underwrite the activities and programs brought to Washington by WHDA.

Anyone who recognizes the importance of a thriving harbor district in Washington shares
WHDA’s purpose.

Plus you with receive:

  • A window decal that you can proudly display identifying you as a Friend of the Alliance
  • Membership to the Friends of Alliance council, including volunteering opportunities.
  • Up to date information on what is happening with the City, advancement initiatives,business promotions, and upcoming events.

.... or send us an email

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